Prayer Requests

Please email Zion to have your prayer request listed on this page and in our weekly bulletin.

Prayer Requests as of October 9, 2019

  • Members of Zion: Ruth Carlson, John Shonk, Ginny DeOrnellis, Bill Stock, Clarence Weber, Stacy Klingler, Helen Gillespie, Sonny Fischer, Anita Motz
  • Friends of Zion:  Renee Boesch; family of Henry Steinbrueck;  Pam Rowe, friend of Stacy Klingler; MaryLou Yadon, Stacy Klingler’s grandmother; Madelyn Ellsworth, Rick Ellsworth’s mother; Holli Bolinski’s family, friends of Darla Ellsworth; Jackie Haley; Michael Rowe, friend of Stacy Klingler; Joe Blood, friend of Jessica Klingler; Lily Swartz, Lisa Mueller’s niece; Sofia Bartley, grand-daughter of Bill Hansel; Susan Sharrod, friend of Mary Hart; Marie Diefenbach, mother of Lisa Mueller; Michelle Schwarez, Pat Mohr, Karen Robinson, Liz Campbell & Shawn Haley, friends of Jean Keedy; Pete Sahm, Virginia Linenbroker’s son-in-law; Carol & MacKenzie, sister & grand-daughter of Kent Langford; Pastor Matt Clark, son-in-law of Bill & Karen Stock; Tenley Bickford, great-granddaughter of Esther Schulz; Jill & Patrick Mormino, grandson (and wife) of Ginny DeOrnellis; the family of Chuck Gosney, father of Dana Brinkman
  • Our Service Men & Women: Brian Bach, Kurt & Victoria (Cox) Lemmert, Andrew Dillon, Brian Finder, Katie Kluthe and our veterans
  • Victims of job loss, natural disaster, the aiding rescue & emergency workers, police officers, and first responders, especially those affected by Hurricane Dorian & the mass shootings in Odessa TX, Dayton OH, & El Paso TX
  • Our Elderly Homebound: Cecil Crutchfield, Carolyn Gannon-Allen, Jessie Johnson, Sandra Stock, Nadene Kalchbrenner, Marion Pedretti, Larry Mosley, Helen Gayfield, Betty Blank 
  • Zion Lutheran, Valley Park:  Our church, our Pastors and our congregation